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Deanship Duties

 The duties of Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies are:-

   1- Encouraging scientific research in the university through: granting support for research projects submitted by faculty members; publications of research in international journals and indexed; participation in conferences of local, regional and global levels; sponsorship of specialized scientific conferences, scientific days and workshops for different faculties at ASU. In addition, it facilitates the participation of faculty members in specialized training courses at home and abroad.

  2- Reviewing scientific research projects and patents submitted by faculty members and researchers for approval and providing the necessary support for projects' implementation (e.g. devices, equipment, research assistants, and finance).

  3- Preparing the annual budget draft for scientific research at the university.

  4- Establishing cooperative relationships with institutions and scientific research centers at home and abroad to facilitate the task of researchers.

  5- Establishing synergy ties in the areas of scientific research and development with Arab and foreign academic and research institutions and with the local community.

  6- Supervising the graduate programs at the university.

  7- Accepting graduate students in coordination with the concerned faculties and follow up their academic progress, approving their thesis titles, subjects, supervisors, and discussion committee members. 

  8- Approving the study plans for graduate programs

  9- Reviewing periodic scientific research instructions and supporting dissemination of research, studies and participation in scientific conferences for the purpose of development and restoration.

  10- Monitoring the implementation of the policy of scholarships at the university and PhDs scholars at various universities in different fields of knowledge.

  11- Issuing Jordan Journal of Applied Science: natural sciences series, humanities series (twice per year for each series), in addition to reception, arbitration, acceptance/rejection, editing (both in Arabic and English languages), printing and dissemination of articles submitted for publication.

 12- Follow-up the magazine indexing in centers of global indexes.

 13- Organize the graduate studies affairs with the rest of Deans.

 14- Follow up the pursuance of the graduate studies instructions.

 15- Provide a report to the University Council at the end of each academic year about the affairs and the activities of scientific research and graduate studies.



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