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Vision & Mission



   Excellence in scientific research locally and internationally, according to the total quality approach contributing to community development.

    To enrich the culture of research work and provide an attractive environment to support excellence and creativity of researchers through supporting research, studies, writing and translation in various fields and directing them to contribute to the creation of a genuine partnership with local and international communities.

    The Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies aims to regulate the affairs of scientific research at the university in addition to granting support and encouragement to number of the issues including, but not limited to, the following: 

      A- Supporting scientific research (moral and material) and deploying various university resources to facilitate the task of researchers.
      B- Supporting pure and humanity applied research, and giving priority to research that serves development purposes at local, Arab or international regions.
     C- University Contribution in scientific research through the adoption of seminars, research projects or joint efforts with others.
      D- Create high level specialists to meet the requirements of comprehensive development plans and the needs of the community.
The Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies responsibilities:-

      A- The regulations of scientific research affairs at the university in addition to presenting encouragement and support for researches.

      B- Presidency of the Council of Scientific Research.
      C- Supervising the issuing of the Applied Sciences Scientific Journal.
      D- Executing the university's policy regarding various scientific publications.
      E- Following-up university activities in the field of scientific research outside the university and opening channels of communication with various scientific research institutions.
      F- Providing appropriate financial support for publication of papers presented by faculty members in scientific indexed journals.
      G- Preparing the deanship annual budget.
      H- Formulating other committees of scientific research as needed.

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