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Students Affairs


Professor Nasser Abdellatif
Dean of Students Affairs

 Deanship of Student Affairs


   The Deanship of Students is here to support and foster your intellectual and personal growth and help you explore and experience the different aspects of university life.  We care about you, your studies, your social growth, your well-being and your future and want to help you enjoy a great Applied Science University experience.
   Our vision and mission for the student experience is founded upon the intellectual, occupational, emotional, spiritual, physical, and cultural growth and nurturing of students.  The Deanship of Students, and our partners throughout the University, are here to support you in reaching your highest potential in the areas of artistic and intellectual curiosity, personal well being, professional competency, leadership development, and engagement in and contribution to the larger community.


   The Deanship’s vision is the lifelong welfare and success of students and others through an integrated campus community sharing a broad-based commitment to the growth and development of every member.


   The Deanship of Students coordinates student services and orchestrates the Meta curricular life of the campus. The operation is founded on a broad-based system focusing on the intellectual, occupational, emotional, spiritual, physical, and cultural growth and nurturing of students.
With the primary emphasis on the development of the entire student, the division includes the departments of:

          • Athletics
          • Cultural and  Social Activities
          • Student Activities
          • Office of the Dean 

   Departments within the division strive not only to meet specific student needs, but to provide general student direction and guidance, including referral to resources available both within and outside the University. The division places particular emphasis on developing community and integrating various constituencies to expedite student growth, including faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the broader local community.
   The division holds as its ambition that each student reaches his or her highest potential in the areas of intellectual and artistic development, personal and professional skill development, leadership development, and contribution to the larger community.


          • Artistic and Intellectual Breadth and Depth
          • Personal Welfare 
          • Professional Development 
          • Leadership & Teamwork
          • Community
          • Compassion
          • Engagement
& Hard Work
          • Integrity


      1. Taking care of students’ personal and academic affairs.

      2. Creating a university environment conducive to creativity and development of students’ talents and skills. 

     3. Providing students with moral support, counseling and advice in order to help them overcome any problem that they may   encounter in their academic studies.

      4. Offering programs, activities and services that enable students to express themselves and develop their personalities.

      5. Rendering services to special needs students in whatever they need during their studies at the University.

      6. Organizing activities that enhance students’ personalities and promote their potential to become good citizens, believing in Allah and strongly attached to their country and community.

The Office of the Dean

   The Office of the Dean supervises the various departments in the division, representing the Division on University and National Committees, as well as handling all student issues including the disciplinary process. In addition, the office is responsible for the update and publication of the student guide which contains all the needed information for students including degree requirements for all majors and all the rules pertaining to it, disciplinary system and rules, and Student Union by-laws.

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