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Students Services

The Department of Student Activities

     The Department of Student Activities is responsible for providing programs and services designed to complement classroom learning and engage students in campus life. We are committed to the development and growth of the whole person by exposing students to a wide variety of cultures, experiences, entertainment and educational programming.

The Department of Student Activities performs the following duties:

       1.       Following up all the affairs of the students’ union and supervising the elections.

       2.       Issuing student identification cards.

       3.       Supervising student mail.

       4.       Supervising student work on campus program.

       5.       Organizing student Social Grants

       6.       Assisting the dean on all inquiry committee and disciplinary committee actions and meetings.

       7.       The issuance of letters to the Customs Department for students wishing to bring in their cars for their country of residence.

       8.       The issuance of the Student Guide.

       9.       The issuance of the year book.

       10.   Organizing reception ceremonies for new students.

       11.   Celebrating national holidays and overseeing the graduation ceremony. 

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