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Students Council
The Student Council

The Student Council reflects positive student involvement in any tertiary institution since it confronts the challenges that students may encounter during their university life. The Council realizes its objectives through supporting scientific, cultural, and social and sports activities, promoting cooperation, team work and community service, developing democratic practices, dialogue and respect for the other, following up student issues and increasing their awareness of their duties, preserving their achievements and coordinating with the University administration to solve student problems.

The foundation of interaction between the Council and students is based upon developing a mature personality and awareness of pan-Arab and pan-Islamic issues and enhancing the sense of belonging to the homeland, the nation and the University while upholding the values of Arab and Islamic civilization and heritage. The Council also seeks to provide opportunities for positive interaction between students, colleges and the University administration and to support the University’s academic, social and cultural activities.

The Dean of Student Affairs announced the results of the Student Council’s elections held on that date and he emphasized that the elections were fair and free of any interventions which was noticed and reiterated by faculty and student members of the election committee. He also emphasized the role of the student council of representing all the students of the University in various University committees and the responsibility of bringing student issues to the forefront and presenting them to the appropriate University authority.

The results of the eighteenth student council elections were as follows:

* The fourteen seats for the Faulty of Economics and Administrative Science won by:
1. Omar Saleh Balqis
2. Abdeljaber Mohammad Abu Saleh
3. Ahmed Musa Alisawi
4. Alaa Ghassan Abu sinaineh
5. Qosay Majed Barkenda
6. Moath Main Jabori
7. Khalid Osama Jabr
8. Abdalla Mahdi Ghoniam
9. Mohammad Mustafa Alshelian
10. Abdalla Mohammad Alqawasmi
11. Anas Suleiman Alqasrawi
12. Yazan Mohammad Almomani
13. Baker Ahmed Ayad
14. Abdalla Abdelhakeem Alhindi

* Three seats for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities won by:
1. Zaid Nabil Alkhagayqa
2. Zainab Mohammad Alhusami
3. Hatem Ahmed Alzoubi

* Twelve seats for the Faculty of Engineering won by:
1. Yazan Ismail Alshaikh
2. Ahmed Mohammad Aldomairi
3. Osama Akran Atieh
4. Lubna Hazim Aqel
5. Zaid Bassam Owais
6. Ahmed wael Abusharkh
7. yanal suleiman subh
8. Fadi Ahmed Aldaja
9. Amer Yasin Albosh
10. Ahmed Mohammad alanabtawi
11. Hamza Nasser Ismail
12. Furas Ahmed Aldaja

* Five seats for the Faculty of Pharmacy won by:
1. Mohammad Abed Almabood Mustafa
2. Karam Mohammad Zaini
3. Zeyad Tareq Alghamazi
4. Zaid Osama Abdelhamid
5. Ilham Mohammad AbaZaid

* Two seats for the Faculty of Information Technology won by:
1. Mousa Zaid Abuzaid
2. Abdelrahman khalil Afana

* Three seats for the Faculty of Arts and Design won by:
1. Mohammad Samir Abdelhadi
2. Ahmed Mohammad Alyousef
3. Amer Ismail Hasanian

* One seat for the Faculty of Nursing won by:
1. Alaa Abdeljalil Qaraqeesh

* One seat for the Faculty of Law won by:
1. Bassam Hussain Alsharqawi

The election for the executive committee was held and supervised by the President, Professor Mahfooz Judeh, and the Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Nasser Abdellatif. The results are as follows:

1. Council President: Ahmed Musa Alisawi
2. Vice President: Amer Ismail Hasanian
3. Secretary: Mohammad Mustafa Alshelian
4. Treasurer: Abdalla Abdelhakeem Alhindi
5. Chair of the finance committee: Omar Saleh Balqis
6. Chair of the committee of volunteer work: Mohammad Abed Almabood Mustafa
7. Chair of the Public Relations committee: Karam Mohammad Zaini
8. Chair of the Student Issues committee: Bassam Hussain Alsharqawi
9. Chair of the Student Activities Committee: Yazan Mohammad Almomani

Major accomplishments during the past year

1. The organization and supervision of an inter faculty football tournament.

2. Organized and hosted an Awards Ceremony for students with GPAs of 90 or higher.

3. Organized a visit to the Holy sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for student to perform the rituals of Omra with 50 student participants.

4. The organization of new student advising at the beginning of each semester.

5. Organized a competition of reciting the Holy Quran supervised by professors for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

6. Book exchange program

7. Organized and hosted the Multination Cultural Festival.

8. Organized various trips and visits to tourist attractions in Jordan.

9. Organized and hosted a Best Picture competition and show with the participation of many students and faculty members.

10. Organized an Eftar (breaking of fasting) during the month of Ramadan.
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12/30/2015 1:38:34 PM

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