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Parking Lots


   The university provides for its students, teaching staff members, employees, and part-time lecturers parking lots in many areas on campus. Permits for parking on campus are issued as follows:
  • Entry permits for part-time lecturers for one semester. These are specified according to the contract period.
  • Entry permits for students' parents who lift their sons or daughters to the university. These are specified each semester.
  • Special entry permits for employees lifted to the university by their legal guardians or by taxicabs.
  • Entry permits for kiosk entrepreneurs in the university. These are renewed biannually.
  • Entry permits for handicapped students or students who have medical excuses. These are offered each semester.
  • Stickers fixed on the cars of full-time teaching staff members. These are offered annually.
  • Stickers fixed on the cars of university employees. These are offered annually.
  • Stickers fixed on the cars of university students for parking their cars in the parking lots allocated to them. These are offered annually.


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