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Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences

     The Faculty of  Economics & Administrative Sciences is considered one of the top leading colleges in the private higher education sector in Jordan and based on the universities philosophy and its general objectives and mission, the Faculty is continuously working on the improvement and adjustment of the quality of its educational programs and processes. The Faculty provides five academic programs leading to a bachelor's in: (Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance and Banking, and Management Information Systems). Also, to meet the market requirements in Fall of 2012-2013, the faculty lunched ad new major in "Electronic- Business".
   The faculty focuses in the courses it teaches on the integration and organic interdependence between the theoretical and practical fields to prepare a cadre of future managers and leaders equipped with the knowledge and the tools to meet the demand of the different economic sectors as well as the labor markets both locally and regionally. It also contributes to the supporting of the development process and scientific advancements and is working to harness information and modern technology to prepare students according to the needs of this century.
   The faculty is also concerned with the offering of practical training and internships programs to its students to act in accordance with its philosophy of practical application of theories and modern concepts. Thereby all students in all departments must complete a practical training program as a mandatory requirement for graduation; through which students complete an internship program which commensurate with the nature of his degree at a local or regional organization which enables the student to be prepared to perform the jobs and tasks required from his after graduation.
   Faculty students conduct applied research in their respective fields under the direct supervision of faculty members; the project is counted as a graduation project in order to link theoretical knowledge with practice and to equip them with research skills and the required applied capabilities.
   The Faculty employs a group of distinguished faculty members with exceptional scientific and practical experiences and from different scientific ranks, the number of faculty members at the beginning of the first semester of 2013-2014 was seventy eight (78)  full-time faculty member. Additionally, the Faculty has a talented cadre of administrative specialist performing secretarial and laboratory work.

   The total number of students enrolled in the Faculty reached (3097) students from (28) nationalities (Jordanians, Arabs and Foreigners). The number of total graduates since 1994/1995 till 2012/2013 reached (11573) students, many of whom are holding leadership and managerial positions in both the public and private sectors.
   The Faculty is deeply involved in scientific research and in publishing in all relevant areas; and is highly concerned with its information resources. It always seeks to acquire most recent books, periodicals and references aiming at equipping its students with up-to- date information and resources related to their specializations. 
  To achieve its objectives, the faculty is constantly adopting a policy of reviewing, reexamining and modernizing its study plans and curriculums, to cope with any new developments, community needs and with newly emerging knowledge and technology, especially the Information Technology Systems.
   The faculty reinforces the use of computers in education and relies on the English language in teaching most of its courses at all departments. Its labs are equipped with state of the art computers and are backed by up to date operating systems, applications software, programs and packages. The faculty stresses the use of IT in education and continuously upgrades its study plans and curriculums to reflect this fact.
   The faculty is highly concerned with developing academicians and upgrading their knowledge and skills in the professional, educational and technological fields. Faculty members are encouraged and motivated to participate in seminars, workshops and symposiums held in Jordan and abroad. The faculty provides support and exceptional opportunities for academicians to meet with other researchers to exchange knowledge and experiences.
   Working in line with University philosophy of providing community service and building close ties business organization, the faculty coordinates and cooperates with the University’s Studies and Consultation Center to provide business consultancy and training services to both the public and private sectors locally and regionally.
   The faculty gives high consideration to educational and counseling dimensions in the teaching and learning processes by providing academic advising and guidance to its students. The faculty also, stays in constant contact with its graduates to keep them informed of any new faculty accomplishments.
   The faculty participated in the Quality Evaluation process of the Business Administration program, sponsored by Al-Hussein Fund for Excellence under the guidance of the British Quality Assurance Association. The Business Administration program was ranked first among Jordanian private universities, and second among public and private universities, with a difference of one point from the first. Therefore, the Business Administration Program at the Faculty fulfilled the international quality standards.
   Starting from the second semester 2005 -2006, the faculty began offering the Masters Degree in Accounting and master degree in Marketing in the first semester of 2011/2012  and is looking forward for the Ministry of Higher Education’s approval of post graduate studies in other fields, to meet local and regional demand.
   Faculty students achieved outstanding results in the National Achievement Tests, supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Students from the marketing department achieved the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 9th ranks at the country level in the spring semester of 2007-2008.   The Marketing department program achieved the second place among (12) Jordanian universities. The Finance and Banking program were the second among (16) universities, and Accountancy achieved the (5th) rank among (17) universities. In the second semester of 2007/2008 the Business Administration program achieved the first rank among all private and public universities in the National Achievement Tests in Jordan.



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11/12/2015 9:00:24 AM

Professor Imad Ramadan

Dean of Faculty

The Fifth International Conference for the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences



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