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Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering started enrolling students in its various programs in September 1992, one year after the establishment of the Applied Science University. The Faculty of Engineering started with 170 students enrolled in following six majors: 


v Electronics and Communications Engineering

v Computer Engineering 

v Power and Control Engineering

v  Mechanical Engineering

v Industrial Engineering

v Civil Engineering

v Architecture Engineering


All of these majors are accredited by the Higher Education Accreditation Council and by the Ministry if Higher Education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Faculty of Engineering has successfully sustained a continuous and steady growth, as the number of enrolled students is currently over 1500. The number of faculty members has grown from 10 to 63 carefully selected well qualified and highly credentialed members. This growth in the number of students and faculty members has been accompanied with a noticeable growth in building space, facilities, and laboratories. The engineering building has an area of (20,000) square meters in addition to the engineering workshops building with an area of (4,000) square meters, where engineers and technicians provide students with the practical skills needed for the various engineering majors.  


  Since its start, the Faculty of Engineering has been successively led by the following Deans:

* Prof. Basem Abu Ghazaleh
* Prof. Salah Al Said
* Prof. Mofid Al Samera’I
* Prof Mahfoz Al Raice
* Prof Adnan Alkylanee
* Dr. Ahmed Al Tawaiha
* Dr. Bassam Al Aseer
* Prof. DaifAllah Al Dalabeeh
* Dr. Mohammed Abu Hilal
* Prof. Nuri Al Mohammadi
* Dr. Khalid Ramadan
* Prof. Yehya Abdellatif

2007 - 2015

* Dr. Mohammad H. Alomari

2015 - present

      As a part of its commitment to applied research and hands on training, the Faculty of Engineering has established over 45 laboratories equipped with state of the art hardware, and software systems. These laboratories are used to give students the hands on training needed to succeed in the market place; in addition these labs are used to design and implement graduation projects and for scientific research. Working from this positive environment and with direct support and encouragement for research from the administration, our faculty members have published several research articles in highly reputable international, regional, and local scientific journals. In addition, our faculty members have participated in a good number of international, regional, and local conferences.

     The Faculty is currently working on enhancing its relationships with other universities and academic institutions by developing cooperation agreements to share resources, work on joint projects, and exchange faculty members. Furthermore, the Faculty has singed cooperation agreements with Jordan Engineers Association and with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

    The Faculty of Engineering is an active member of the Scientific Society for Arab Faculties of Engineering, as well as, the Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities, which are subdivisions of the Association of Arab Universities.

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Engineering students designed an Unmanned Aircraft that works on Solar Energy
Engineering students designed an Unmanned Aircraft works on Solar Energy


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