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Faculty of Nursing


Prof. Samiha Suhail Shafiq Jarrah
Faculty of Nursing Dean
The Faculty of Nursing was established as a department in the Faculty of Medical Sciences in 1992; and started as independent college in 2006.
Faculty of Nursing Departments:
  1. Community Health Nursing Department
  2. Clinical Nursing Department
  3. Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department
The Faculty of Nursing offers a distinct atmosphere of study. It deals with students on a strong academic basis. The departments provide courses according to the study plan including both theoretical and practical subjects. The faculty of nursing aims to improve the students skills by the use of problem solving techniques, the use of scientific research and focuses on self-development and performance improvement .It stresses on the importance of obtaining new and updated knowledge in order to keep successful changes in the health field at all levels locally, regionally and globally.
Excellence in education and scientific research skills at the local, regional and international levels
Provides the Jordanian society and the region with competent nurses that are able to improve health care services and demonstrate leadership roles at health care sectors
Faculty of Nursing Objectives
1. Graduate highly competentnurses at the national, regional and     
    international level.

2. Improve the knowledge and skills of the students based on the findings   
   of the advanced research.

3. Prepare competent nurses who can provide comprehensivenursing    
   care to the individuals, families and communities.
      4.  Use theknowledge in the other sciences that are related to nursing 
5.Facilitate student interaction with the community through out  various
 activitiesincluding voluntary work.

6. Prepare graduate nurses who are capable to demonstrate leader ship
    roles in different community sections.
7. Thelatest  utilize the latest technological advancements in education  
    and learning to improve teaching and learning process.
8. Prepare graduates who are able to conduct applied scientific research  
   studies that can improvethe professional practice.
Philosophy of the Faculty of Nursing
The philosophy of the Faculty of Nursing was established according to the University philosophy that includes University mission to provide the best learning, teaching and researches opportunities for students and academics to accommodate global standards. In addition it provides a supportive learning environment that enhances the student's knowledge and personality that enable the students to create, collaborate and compete at local, regional and international levels. The curriculum is developed to provide distinguished learning opportunities at baccalaureate level based on up to date teaching programs and scientific references. This program enables the graduates to provide a comprehensive health care to individuals and communities in both wellness and illness. The graduates will be able to take decisions related to nursing care by the use of critical thinking and problem–solving techniques during implementing health care.
Facilities and laboratories
                The five laboratories at the Faculty of Nursing are equipped with recent and modern equipments and models that facilitate simulation for training purposes. Class rooms are equipped with all teaching and learning facilities and equipments that enhance learning environment and maintain quality of education and scientific research.
The building also includes a reading room connected to main library that includes all recent and up to date scientific references and electronic data base in the field of nursing.
Faculty Staff
The staff holds their academic degrees from accredited universities. In order to cover all domains in the nursing specialty, the Faculty of Nursing provides the members with scholarships to obtain PhD and MSc  degrees from International and local Universities.
Female student scholarship
Applied Science Private University provides a partial scholarship for eligible female students.  
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