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Administrative Departments

Finance Department
 The Financial Department 
     Since it was founded in 1991, the Financial Department has gone in for presenting its financial and administrative reports accurately.
     As the Department is an indispensable part of the university, our officials possess efficient skills and experience in accounting.
     The Department mission focuses on offering distinctive services according to the best standards of performance and accuracy in cooperation with other Departments.

 Vital Role of the Financial Department
     The Financial Department has a vital role. It keeps financial data on a chronological basis to facilitate taking accurate administrative decisions.

 Services offered by the Financial Department
   The following are the major services offered by the Department :
   1. Following up expenses and revenues

      The Department provides data about the items of expenses and aims of expenditure. It also follows up money inflow as well as other data about revenues and compares them with the budget. Accurate data about expenditure and revenues supply important and necessary information about the efficiency with which managements of Departments are operated successfully to realize the goal of the university.

   2. Analyzing Costs

      The Department analyzes the manner of expenditure and presents solutions and proposals for lowering costs which will benefit the university as a whole.

   3. Estimated Budget

      Supplying the estimated annual and biannual budget is an important goal of the Financial Department. The budget is estimated by following up the expenditure activities of other Departments to see if they have or have not abided by the limits of expenditure and rectify points of weakness on a temporal basis.

   4. Salaries
      In cooperation with the Department of Officials Affairs, the Department follows up salaries of officials, annual increases, allowances, remunerations. This information is employed to determine expenditure and rectify points of weakness on temporal bases.

   5. Student Accounting 

      The Section of Student Accounting follows up all financial matters of students such as their balances, discounts, transfer from one major to another, checks graduate certificates financially, and follows up the forwarding directions.

   6. Payments Accounting

      The Department follows up the liability of creditor and debit companies, audits transactions, records them, and pays them according to the financial rules.

   7. General Accounting

      The Department provides necessary audited financial data and reports in due time.
   8. Fixed Assets Accounting

     This section is responsible about recording the cost of newly-acquired fixed asset, tracking existing fixed assets, recording depreciation, and accounting for the disposition of fixed assets.

    9. Warehouses Accounting

     This section is responsible about the financial approval for the purchase invoices which previously entered by warehouse staff in addition to supervise the output vouchers issued by warehouses staff through ERP system.

   10. Teller 

     The teller collects all the money of the university revenues according to the principles of internal control.

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