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Accredited Certificates


 Accredited Certificates

1. Arab certificates
Saudi certificates
· Saudi general secondary school certificate, administrative and social track, equated with the Jordanian general secondary school certificate, literary track.
· Saudi general secondary school certificate, natural science track, equated with the Jordanian general secondary school certificate, scientific track.
· certificate of diploma of secondary industrial, commercial and technical education institutes, general institutions for technical education and vocational instruction, equated with the Saudi general secondary school certificate in the field of specialization.
· certificate of commercial secondary institutes, equated with the Saudi general secondary school certificate, commercial track.
· certificate of secondary school for Quran memorization issued by the Ministry of Education, equated with the Jordanian general secondary school certificate, literary track.
· secondary school certificate of the Islamic University in Al-Madina Al-Munawwara, equated with the Jordanian general secondary school certificate, literary track.
· Saudi developed general secondary school certificate. A graduation transcript must be presented.
· certificate of industrial institutes issued by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, equated with the certificate of general vocational secondary school in the field of specialization.
· Certificate of health institutes, pharmacy, equated with the Saudi general secondary school certificate. Its holder is qualified to join Saudi universities in the field of specialization. All certificates issued by institutes after 1.7.1997 require equating.
Kuwaiti certificates
      ·     certificate of diploma in nursing issued by the General Board for Applied Education and Training (three-year track after the first year of secondary grade, requires equating if it is issued after 16.8.2001, but it requires ratification only if it is issued before this date.
  ·      general secondary school, secondary religious institute.
  ·     coursework system, divided into six majors: Islamic studies, commercial studies, English language, Arabic language, industrial studies, sociology. These are listed with the literary track.
   ·     science and mathematics, listed with the scientific track.
   ·     industrial secondary school, not recognized.
Syrian certificates
 ·     certificate of the canonical institutes for all the students of Islamic science in Damascus, equated with the general secondary school certificate, literary track.
Bahraini certificates
  ·      general secondary school certificate, scientific track, admitted in all specializations, taking into consideration the required minimal cumulative average.
  ·      general secondary school certificate, literary track, admitted in all specializations of the faculties of Arts and Humanities, Economics and Administrative Science, Law, Art and Design.
  ·      general secondary school certificate, religious track, admitted in the specializations of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
   ·     General secondary school certificate, industrial track, admitted in the Faculty of Engineering. A certificate issued by Bahrain equates the Jordanian secondary school certificate, provided it should be attached to a graduation certificate.
Yemeni certificates
  ·        certificate of general secondary school, teacher diploma issued by the Yemeni Ministry of Education, equated with the general secondary school. Its holder is entitled to join only the Faculty of Education.
Lebanese certificates
 ·        Lebanese general secondary school certificate issued by the International Lebanese Schools outside Lebanon, including the International Lebanese School, Bucharest. Its holder is not entitled to join the Lebanese government universities.
2. Foreign certificates
   All foreign certificates must be equated by the Jordanian Ministry of Education.
 Israeli Big Root certificate ( 1948 Arabs)
   The student must be a native speaker of Arabic, he has passed the Big Root and has completed 21 units as a minimum in order to equate his certificate with the scientific or literary track, or has completed 20 units as a minimum in order to equate his certificate with the vocational tracks. The highest marks of 21 units of the student in terms of the average will be reckoned and the track will be accredited as scientific if he has studied 9 scientific units as a maximum, four of which at least are mathematics, otherwise the track will be literary, provided that the student has studied at least four units in Arabic language and literature.
   The average will be reckoned by taking the highest 21 study units, and the average is reckoned as follows:
                                      number of subject units × subject mark
    Average = _______________________________________________
                             number of units
International baccalaureate certificate
   The diploma of international baccalaureate is equated with the Jordanian general secondary school certificate, provided that
a.       the international baccalaureate certificate is equated with the Jordanian general secondary school certificate according to the following conditions:
·        passing at least six courses.
·        scoring the high level in at least two of the six courses.
·        the content of any course must not be repeated in another course.
·        scoring the ordinary level or the high level in one of the six science or mathematics courses.
·        The Arabic language must be one of the six courses for the Arab student in any of the two levels.
·        for the purpose of equating with the scientific track, the student must pass six courses, three of which are scientific, one of which as a minimum must be a mathematics or a science course with a high level score.
b.      scoring a total of 12 points out of 42 points.
c.       pass points for the high level are 3-7 and for the ordinary level are 2-7.
d.      additional points are not reckoned within the student's percent average.
e.       the following scale will be adopted in reckoning the percent scale as from 8.4.1999.

International Baccalaureate Points
Percent Mark

American high school diploma( & HSD:SAT II)
      .     Equating the SAT II diploma issued by a private education institution as from 1998.
  ·        passing seven courses of SAT II
  ·        SAT II is equated with the general secondary school certificate, scientific track if the student passes three scientific courses, otherwise it is equated with the literary track.
  ·        The main areas which the SAT II test covers for equating with the Jordanian secondary school certificate and determining the track are:
·        English language (writing-in-English skill, English literature), history and social studies (American history, social studies, world history, history).
·        mathematics: Math Level I & IC & IIC.
·        linguistics (French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Chinese).
·        sciences (physics, chemistry).
    In view of the difference in evaluating school certificates coupled with SAT II, the following must be considered:
  ·        A mark which is below 450 will not be reckoned within the reckoned subjects in the SAT II test.
  ·        The subject mark in SAT II is divided on its maximum limit 800 and multiplied by 100.
  ·        The highest marks of seven subjects of the SAT II test will be added to the subjects of grade 12. The total will be divided on 13 (number of subjects in SAT II + number of school subjects).
   Marks scored by the student in school for grade 2:

Subject Title
Maximum Limit
Subject Percentage
1. Arabic
2. English
3. History
4. Mathematics
5. Physics
6. Chemistry

   Percentages of subjects studied by the student for SAT II will be added to school subjects and divided on the number of subjects as follows:
56.3+57.5+65+53.8+58.8+62.5+78.8+85+90+95+91+92.5+90 =893.6
secondary school average: 976 = 75.1% 13
   Together with ascertaining that a SCORE RANGE exists for each subject of SAT II studied by the student upon admitting him in the university. This percentage varies from one student to another.
English certificates
a.     The English Certificate which has two levels:
·   ordinary level whose period is 11 years.
·   Advanced level whose period is 2 years.
b.     certificates G.C.S.E., I.G.C.S.E.
certificate I.G.C.S.E. differs from certificate G.C.S.E. in that the mark of the student's annual activity is not reckoned for the former, whereas 20% of the total mark is reckoned for the latter.
These two certificates have three levels:
·      ordinary level.
·     Advanced level.
·     Advanced subsidiary level for one year after the first two levels.
Assessment is based on a scale of five grades:
A       95
B       85
C       75
D       65
E       55
How foreign certificates are equated
1.      The certificate must be assessed and equated by the Equation Committee of the Ministry of Education.
2.      reckoning the cumulative average for each certificate by the university turns off the following subjects from the average: physical education, vocational education, activity.
Australian general secondary school certificate
          The Australian general secondary school certificate is called Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).
1.     the secondary track is determined if the student has studied at least four scientific subjects of the total subjects, the secondary track will be considered scientific, but if otherwise, it will be considered literary.
2.     Reckoning the average
Example: the student has scored the following marks:
Arabic                  30/50
English                 40/50
Biology                35/50
Chemistry            34/50
Mathematics         32/50
Total marks    = 203
Maximum limit = 50 × 6 = 300
                                      total marks scored by the student
General average = ____________________________________
                                             total of maximum unit
General average = 203 / 300% = 67.7%
Russian general secondary school certificate
   Determining the certificate track. If the student's transcript contains the following scientific subjects (physics, biology, algebra, plane geometry, astronomy, any scientific subjects), the track will be considered scientific. If the transcript contains literary subjects, the track will be literary.
The mark maximum limit: 5
Passing mark minimum limit: 3
                         total marks scored by the student × 20%
General average = ____________________________________
                                     number of subjects
Malaysian general secondary school certificate
   The student's certificate who has studied courses out of 18 accredited courses for earning the Malaysian general secondary certificate.
How the average is reckoned. The average is reckoned according to the general secondary school marks as follows:

Mark in the Malaysian Certificate
Equating the Mark

                      total marks on the table
Average = ________________________________
                        number of average
Nigerian / Indonesian general secondary school certificate
                      student's total marks
Average = ________________________________
                         maximum limit



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