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Admission & Registration

Students Admission

Undergraduate Students:

  1-  Acceptance rate in high school 60% or above in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Arts and Design and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, except specialty of Sharia and Islamic Studies.
2-  Acceptance rate in high school 70% or above in the College of Nursing .
3-  Acceptance rate in high school 65% or above in the specialty of Sharia and Islamic Studies and School of Law.

4-  Acceptance rate in high school 80% and above in the Faculty of Engineering and the College of Pharmacy.

5- Acceptance rate of 68% of the Bridging Jordanian Diploma for all colleges except the College of Engineering, Pharmacy 70%.

6- Students having non-Jordanian Diploma shall bring their letter of Diploma Equivalency from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

- The number of credit hours taught by the student at the University of signing to it must not be less than (50%) of the total hours of study plan at the University assigning it, and should not be more than seven years since he studied the courses.


Graduate Students:


Students Admission:

Article (9):  

   Admission Applications to higher education should be submitted to the Deanship of scientific research and graduate studies on a special form subject to, that the applicant must have a bachelor's degree from a university or college or scientific institute recognized, by the grade not less than "good" or its equivalent in the field of specialization or a related field and his / her study be on a systematic basis.

Article (10):  

      A. Differentiation between students in the Master's program applicants according to competitive basis, in accordance with their cumulative grades in bachelor's degree.

      B. Department Council may propose and upon the recommendation of the Board of Graduate Studies, and the decision of the Council of Deans to add other grounds for differentiation as a competitive examination for students but not exceeding 20% of the total number of students.

      C. If a student obtained a grade  from another university, and his / her grade appeared as a number his / her average ratio is calculated in accordance with his / her university standards with its equivalence in Applied Science University, and if does not appear as a number his / her will be calculated their average grade mark as per Applied Science University standards.

Article (11):  

   Students are accepted to the graduate program upon a decision of the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies subject to the recommendation of the Division of Graduate Studies in the department, and the decision will be conveyed to the student and to the director of admissions & registration and the department and the college, and sets the path (a Research or Comprehensive) under the provisions of Article (14) of the Instructions of Graduate Studies. 


 :(Article (12












      A-The student may transfer from one Master program to another Master Program at the university by a decision of the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies of the department he / she transferring to if he / she met the stipulated requirement of the program he / she wishes to transfer to in regard to the rate , specialty and availability of vacancies. It is permissible for the Division of Graduate Studies in the department to equalize no more than (12) twelve credit hours of corresponding courses, where all equalized courses will be accounted for his / her new cumulative average. The related Department Head where the student transferred should inform in writing the Director of Admission and Registration in writing and the study plan of the program will be applied on him during the year he transferred applied in the plan of study for the program signing the years passed.


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