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Admission & Registration

Transfered Students

 Undergraduate Students:

* Transition within the University of specialization to another:

   - The student may move from one major to another within the university if the availability of a vacancy in the major he/she wishes to transfer to, and that the rate of marks in the secondary certificate qualifies him / her for admission in the specialization that he / she during the year he / she obtained higher secondary or the year of transfer.

   - When students move to another major he / she is entitled to calculate any course of his / her choice of subject that he / she succeeded the specialty he / she transferring from and should be part of the study plan for specialty transferring to, and marks of these courses will be accounted for  in the student's semester and accumulated average.

   - Transfer Applications should be submitted to Director of Admission and Registration

   - A committee will be formulated to study the transfer application constituted from the Dean of the college and head of department transferring to and director of admissions and registration and this Committee fro decision making in this regard.

   - Transferring student will be treated as new student for purposes of delay and warning and expulsion from his / her specialty – Financial difference will be calculated of the hours value when transferring from lower to higher specialty

* Transition from other universities:

   Students May move to the university in case of a vacancy availability to them, and in accordance to the following conditions:

   - Meet the University requirements for admission, and have an acceptable average in high school or equivalent in the specialty transferring to, during the year he /she receiving a high school certificate or the year registered in the University

   - That the student will be moving from a university or college or institute recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan and the University of Applied Sciences. Courses that student has passed will be accounted for him / her  if it’s part of his / her university study plan, And that the credit hours of the courses at the University transferring from not less than the credit hours of courses at the University of Applied Sciences.

   - Acceptance of student is that his / her former studies are on regular basis at the university, and to submit proof of such.

   - Student should be dismissed from the university for disciplinary reasons where he studied, immediately before transfer application or request.

   - For the purposes of the application of Article (9) of the Instructions granting bachelor's degree, each (15) credit hours has been offset by the student will be accounted for as one semester, whether the transition from within the university or from outside.
For graduation requirement student's transferred to the University of Applied Sciences should fulfill the following :

   - To study at the University of Applied Sciences at least (50%) of the total credit hours and go in the regular classroom as required by the application of Articles (9) and (5 / 35) of the bachelor's degree Instructions granting to be, including the last two semesters immediately before graduation.

   - No student shall get credit for any courses where seven  years has lapsed since he passed them.

  - Subject`s marks previously studied by the student in another university will not be included in his / her cumulative GPA at the University of Applied Sciences.

   - Transfer application shall be Submitted department of acceptance and registration in a timely and advertised schedule during each semester.


 Graduate students:

Article (12)

   A-The student may transfer from one Master program to another Master Program at the university by a decision of the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies of the department he / she transferring to if he / she met the stipulated requirement of the program he / she wishes to transfer to in regard to the rate , specialty and availability of vacancies. It is permissible for the Division of Graduate Studies in the department to equalize no more than (12) twelve credit hours of corresponding courses, where all equalized courses will be accounted for his / her new cumulative average. The related Department Head where the student transferred should inform in writing the Director of Admission and Registration in writing and the study plan of the program will be applied on him during the year he transferred applied in the plan of study for the program signing the years passed.

   B- A student may be transmitted from Master Program of another University to the Masters program upon a decision of the Dean and upon the recommendation of the Division of Graduate Studies in the department who wants transfer to it, provided that he / she satisfies the requirements for admission to the Master's program wish to transfer to in terms rate, specialty and availability of vacancies. In this case, the Graduate committee in the department to equalize for him / her some courses that were studied, with corresponding ones at the level of master's program courses, and exempting him / her from studying them but exemption not to exceed (9) nine credit hours and a minimum mark in each of them (70 %) or its equivalent, and it does not enter the marks in these courses the GPA calculation.

   C- Any student dismissed from a Master program in another university will not be admitted at the University of Applied Science if his dismissal was for reasons of behavioral conducts (non-academic).

   D- Taking into account the above mentioned one semester will be counted for from upper limit of the master's degree for every (6-9) credit hours or more are calculated for transferred of any program in Master in the University.


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