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Grants, Aids and Discounts
 Educational Grants:                                                                                    
   The University of Applied Science offers each year scholarships and financial assistance to be discounted from the credit hours fees as follows:
   First: Financial Aids and Discount:
1- Gives people who are the founders and any of the level of shareholders and who own five thousand shares or more a discount of (10%) of the of credit hours fees provided that they are holding their shares for at least one year.
2- Gives registered two Brother / brothers enrolled at the university a discount of (10%) of university tuition fees payable to both of them / them.
3- Give the sons of martyrs discount amount (10%) not to exceed the number of ten students, and gives the sons of workers and retirees in the armed forces discount amount (10%).
4- Exempt sons of university staff of (10%) of tuition fees.
5- Gives students with disabilities a discount up to proportion of (50%) of fees.
6- The talented students in athletes’ will be granted a discount in accordance to predetermined rules and a maximum of five students each year.
7- Hafiz Quran students will be granted a discount of (25%).

   Second: Outstanding / Distinguished grants:

- Distinguished students will be granted an encouraging discount according to their accumulated rate.
   Third: Social Grants:
- The University offers each year (30) grant each of them covers (25%) of tuition fees, a committee formed by President of the University nominate eligible personal for these grants according to approved standards.
 General observations:
1. Its not allowed to combine between two grants together.
2. In Second and third above the maximum limit for the grant is 250 J.D.
3. University President in charge of the implementation of these instructions



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