Microanatomy Lap Survey
Dear Training Course / Workshop Participant,,
Thank you for attending a training course/workshop at Cadaveric Microanatomy Laboratory - Applied Science Private University.
Your feedback is valuable to us as we strive to improve the quality of our facilities. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.
Please answer the following questions:
Facilities quality in the cadaveric microanatomy lab are as per your expectation?
Lab facilities adequately equipped for your learning needs?
There were enough cadavers available for your learning requirements?
There is an adequate supply of surgical equipment in the lab?
The demonstrations provided by the instructor helpful in understanding the material?
How would you rate the auxiliary facilities such as toilets, restrooms, dining rooms, and food quality?
Dining options provided during the workshop?
Transportation options to the lab convenient?
How would you rate the instructor's teaching abilities?
How would you rate the instructor's teaching abilities?
how would you rate your overall experience in the workshop?
Please provide any comments or suggestions for improvement regarding the facilities: Cadaver and Equipment Availability:
Please provide any additional comments regarding the availability of cadavers and equipment: Facilities Evaluation (Other):
Any suggestions or comments regarding the auxiliary facilities:
Please specify any difficulties faced and suggest improvements:
Please provide any additional comments or feedback regarding the instructor: Overall Workshop Experience:
Any other comments or suggestions for improving future workshops: